New Internet Recharter System & Training Information

A new Internet Rechartering Platform is scheduled to release on October 15, 2021 for units who submit their renewal online. This page will provide you with webinars and other important information to help transition to the new Internet Recharter 2.0.

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, a sandbox environment will be opened for units to begin training on the new system. This sandbox, available at, will allow unit key 3 or deligates to "test" the recharter process before actually committing the actions permanently in the new recharter system which begins on October 15, 2021. To access this sandbox environment, units will enter their same username they would normally use to access or, except a new, generic password will be used to access the sandbox system. That password will be Training21!


A User Guide is provided to help you navigate the new Internet Recharter 2.0 system.


The new Internet Recharter 2.0 system will be available to use starting Friday, October 15, 2021. All units who recharter online must use this new recharter platform. If the old system is used, you will be asked to re-enter your information in the new system.

To access the new Internet Recharter 2.0 system go to: Use your or username and password to login. No access code is needed.

Please read through the frequently asked questions page.

We highly encourage units NOT to pay online through the Internet Recharter system. If internet recharter renewal is paid online, the council will not be able to make changes if it's needed. We encourage units to choose the "Pay at Council" option in order for the registrar to verify the charter before it is submitted. Changes are easier to make if it is not yet paid for.

Recharter packets will continue to be distributed to units at the October Roundtables.

Units are still able to submit a paper charter.

As you may know, registrar, Shirley Piatt retired earlier this year. If you have any recharter/registration questions, please contact Trudy Chittum at 816-233-1351.