Summer Camp 2022 - Week 3

If you are new to Camp Geiger, we thank you for visiting our site, and if you attended our camp in prior years we welcome you back to one of the best summer camps in the Midwest. At any time you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 816-233-1351.

2022 Camp Dates

Weeks for girls will be during 4th and 6th session.
Week 1: June 12-18
Week 2: June 19-25
Week 3: June 26 - July 2
Week 4: July 3-9 (week for girl troops and boy troops)
Week 5: July 10-16
Week 6: July 17-23 (week for girl troops and boy troops)

Troops that have “linked” troops (boy and girl) can request to camp in the same campsite and will be supported by Pony Express Council. Requests can also be made for an all girl campsite or all boy campsite.
Each troop must maintain their own leadership and cannot be "shared" between linked troops.

2022 Camp Fees

Popcorn discount is for in-council units only

Provisional Unit Campers

If a unit has a scout or adult leader that wish to attend Camp Geiger summer camp individually, they are encouraged to sign up as a provisional camper in week 6. Scouts who want to spend an additional week at camp may also register as a provisional camper. Scouts registering for the provisional unit should be an experienced camper or have at least 2 years of summer camp experience. To register for the provisional unit, please click the Provisional Registration button and submit the form.

Leader Guide

2021 Camp Geiger Leader Guide (2022 leader guide not yet published)

Camp Forms

Camp Geiger Leader Forms

COVID-19 Guidelines

(2022 guidelines not yet published)

Online Store

(A link will be provided here when the online store is available)

2022 Summer Camp Survey

(If you attended Camp Geiger Scouts BSA Summer Camp, we would love to hear from you! A link will be provided here at the start of camp each year)

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