Summer Camp 2020 - Week 6 Boy Troops & Girl Troops

If you are new to Camp Geiger, we thank you for visiting our site, and if you attended our camp in prior years we welcome you back to one of the best summer camps in the Midwest. At any time you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 816-233-1351.

Our comprehensive 2020 Camp Geiger Leader Guide is your “handbook” for everything that relates to your week at Camp Geiger. Every piece of essential program information is contained in the Guide. It is designed in such a way to be easily readable on screen, or if you prefer, to download and print as a hard copy. Many hours went into preparing this comprehensive guide, organized in a logical, easy to read format. We noted the suggestions you made last year after the first publication of the Leader Guide and incorporated them into this year's work.

Every form you may need is contained in the 2020 Camp Geiger Leader Forms publication. Forms are available as a bound publication, or, if you prefer, as individual files. New this year: most forms are prepared as interactive PDF files, meaning you can fill them out directly on the screen, and then print your finished form.

Download or view: 2020 Camp Geiger Leader Guide | Camp Geiger Leader Forms |

Updated Camp Registration, Fees, and Cancellations

Policies for Scout Troops Coming to Camp Geiger in the Summer of 2020

Camp Geiger is preparing its summer program for 2020 with diligence and an extraordinary emphasis on health and safety. COVID-19 has necessitated many changes and adaptation to our program. We have eliminated the first two sessions of camp to allow for additional disease mitigation by delaying the start of camp two weeks. (An additional session has been added to the end of the camping season). For the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, there will be no Tribal Feast this year.

In 2020, unlike any previous year, we need to be able to more severely screen those coming in to camp. There will be special screening procedures in place when your Scouts and Leaders arrive at camp. You will receive that information in another information bulletin.

In order to maximize Scout and Leader safety, this year, there will be a no visitor policy at camp so that the people present in camp are limited to those who have been screened as medically safe to be present. This means that there will also be no visitor attendance at the Wednesday night campfire and no public attendance at Thursday night tapping ceremony. Should circumstances warrant a relaxation of this policy, you will be notified.

We recognize that even the most severe efforts at mitigation will not eliminate the possibility of the Coronavirus being present at Camp Geiger. We anticipate that COVID-19 will likely be present in as diverse a population as Scouts coming in from various locations, and therefore the following policies are in effect.

  • No Scout or Leader who currently has a COVID-19 infection may attend camp.
  • (Changed Policy) No Scout or Leader who has had COVID-19 within 3 weeks of the day of his/her arrival at camp may attend without producing a lab report showing either a negative FDA approved COVID-19 PCR test or a lab report showing that the person has COVID-19 lgG antibodies.
  • Scouts or Leaders currently demonstrating significant cough and/or fever (100.4 degrees or greater) may not attend camp unless they have tested negative for COVID-19 with an FDA approved PCR test.
  • Scouts who have had a diarrheal illness within one week of camp should not attend. (Coronavirus can be shed in fecal material).
  • All Scouts must have a current BSA Health and Medical form with parts A, B, and C complete. This year, extra diligence is needed. Therefore, Scouts with any of the following should have parents discuss with Scout's physician whether attendance at camp is safe for them: Asthma, Chronic pulmonary problems, Heart disease (structural or functional), Blood disorders, Diabetes, Kidney or liver disease and/or Weakened immune systems.
  • If you have a Scout whose medical status may be questionable, please do not ignore this possibility and we request you contact us for additional guidance on such a case. We may require additional information from the Scout's physician beyond that which is normally provided in the standard BSA Health form.
  • Be aware that Scouts or Leaders who develop fever or significant cough or other concerning symptoms during camp, for which an absolute cause cannot be determined, will be required to go home, regardless of distance, as Camp Geiger has limited ability to provide substained isolation and no ability to test for COVID-19 while a Scout or Leader is camped. You must be prepared to take this action if it becomes necessary.
  • Leaders are asked not to attend camp this year if they are part of a "high risk" group. This includes age greater than 65 years or any of these conditions: Asthma, Chronic pulmonary problems, Heart disease (structural or functional), Blood disorders, Diabetes, Kidney or liver disease and/or Weakened immune systems. Such a leader is at a significant greater risk of a poor outcome if he or she contracts COVID-19. If such a Leader still elects to attend despite our recommendation, he or she assumes all responsibility and liability for any adverse outcome at camp due to attending with those risk factors, and against our recommendation.
  • Camp Geiger may require units to provide additional tentage for Scouts and Leaders beyond what is normally available at camp if more stringent social distancing is required during the session your unit comes to camp. you will be advised if that is the case, but be prepared for it.
  • Camp Geiger may be unable to provide special accommodations for handicapped or disabled Scouts in the manner we traditionally have, due to staffing limitations. Please contact us ahead of time, or directly, regarding any special needs Scouts.
  • And finally, the timetable for which Troops will attend camp is in constant review and updating. We are working with units to be as accommodating as possible. Even so, if the county of a Troop coming to Gegier is in an earlier phase of "opening up" than are Andrew and Buchanan counties (where Geiger is located), we may not be able to allow that Troop to come to Camp Geiger. Teh term "phase" refers to the gating and phasing guidelines of the White House and CDC.
  • These policies are subject to change and revision at any time, without notice, if mandated by local or state health departments or governmental authorities or the Boy Scouts of America.

If you have additional questions regarding these policies for 2020, please contact Alan Franks, Scout Executive, at our Council office at 816-233-1351.

If you have a specific medical question, you may contact the Camp Geiger Supervising Physician, Tim Murphy at

COVID-19 Pre-Camp Medical Guidance

Special Procedures for Camp Geiger 2020

Home Screening Before Leaving for Camp Form

Troop Morning In Campsite health Screening Form

Summer Camp Dates (updated May 4, 2020)

Week 1: June 7-13 Cancelled

Week 2: June 14-20 Cancelled

Week 3: June 21-27

*Week 4: June 28–July 4 Camping for girl troops and boy troops

Week 5: July 5-11

*Week 6: July 12-18 Contingent Unit and Camping for girl troops and boy troops

Week 7: July 19-25

*Weeks 4 and 6 continue to be designated camping weeks for girl troops and boy troops. Troops that have “sister” troops that ask to camp in the same campsite will be supported by PEC. Certain campsites will be designated for girl troops that wish to camp on their own with other girl troops.

At least two adult leaders must be registered for each unit. Shared leadership between units will not be accepted.

Participant registration is open. A minimum down payment of $100 will be required for each scout and each adult registering. The entire balance is due to the council on May 15th. The incentive to register participants earlier is to begin signing scouts up for merit badge classes when it opens on May 15th at 7:00 am. A scout cannot sign up for merit badge classes until they are paid in full.

Popcorn discount will apply to in-council scouts only.

Camperships apply to in-council scouts only. Application deadline was April 1, 2020. Click here for the campership application.

Part Time Adults

All part time leaders will be asked to complete the Part Time Leader Form found in the leaders guide. This form is to be submitted at camp prior to your arrival.Two part-time leaders may share a full-time slot and will not be charged the per diem fee. Register the part time leader arriving first as an Adult Full Week. The second part-time leader should sign in at Headquarters when checking in to replace the first to arrive. All other part-time leaders should register as Adult Part Time.

If you are registering for the week 6 Provisional Troop 999, please click here for more details and to complete the registration form. Scouts registering for the provisional unit should be an experienced camper or at least 2 years of summer camp experience.

2020 Scout Summer Camp Fees:

Update May 6, 2020 - the early camp rate will be offered through the remaining 2020 camp registration.

Type Description Down Pmt 2020 Rates
Youth Full Week $100 $284
Youth Full Week New (newly registered or crossed over to the troop since Feb 1 $100 $284
Youth Full Week with Popcorn Discount $100 $199
Youth Full Week New with Popcorn Discount $100 $199
Youth Returning to Geiger for a 2nd week of camping $100 $145
Adult Full Week $100 $219
Adult Full Week New (newly registered or crossed over to the Troop since Feb 1) $100 $219
Adult Part Time (per day) n/a $55
Adult Returning to Geiger for a 2nd week of camping $100 $112

Registration Timeline:

September 16, 2019 Pre-Registration opens to reserve a week of summer camp

February 1, 2020 Participant Registration opens to enter youth and adult participants

April 1, 2020 Campership Applications are due to the council office (for in council scouts only)

May 15, 2020 Total camp fees are due

May 15, 2020 Merit Badge Class Registration opens at 7:00am to sign scouts up for merit badge classes. Scouts must be paid in full to sign up for classes.

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