Cooking Competition

Cooking Demonstration and Competition
March 12, 2022
Starts at 8:00am
Camp Geiger


The cooking demonstration starts at 8:00am and the competition will follow the demonstration.

The cooking demonstration is free, but we do need a headcount. Your online registration will be used as the headcount.


Who: Teams should be made up of at least 2 scouts or scouters of at least Webelos age and one non-scouter. Total members per team is 5.

What: a cooking competition with four different categories. The categories are: Primitive, Dutch Oven, Backpacking Stove, Other

How much: Each judged entry will cost $5.00


Each team must provide their own food and cooking materials. You will be responsible for your own menu and supplies.

*You must follow food safety guidelines (temperatures, holding times, etc)
*Must provide 3-4 (small) servings to be judged
*Must follow Guide to Safe Scouting for age appropriate activities, if not you will be disqualified immediately
*Limited to Webelos and older for safety reasons. Any team of only youths must have at least one registered adult scouter present for supervision
*Must follow Camp Geiger rules.

Register online or at the door

There will be a prize for each category…

RULES and NOTICES regarding categories

Primitive: food must be cooked using heat from charcoal or wood gathered from camp. This category may use any cooking utensil available to the cook.

Dutch oven: food must be cooked in a cast iron Dutch Oven using charcoal, wood coals, or a propane stove as long as the stove being used is not used in another category.

Backpack: food must be cooked using a backpacking style stove that is allowed for use by the BSA in the Guide to Safe Scouting

Other: food can be cooked using any cooking method allowed in the Guide to Safe Scouting (camp stove, small grill, and other methods)

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