Another way to help support the Pony Express Council of the Boy Scouts of America is through a memorial gift. When you make a memorial gift, you honor an individual and help today's youth

When a memorial gift is made, the family of the honoree is notified (unless you request otherwise) with these or similar words:

Your heart will be comforted in learning that (name) made a gift to our Boy Scout Tribute Fund in memory of (name) Such a gift is not only a gracious and living tribute to the character and worthiness of the one thus honored, but is a living memorial of unending significance. Please be assured that we shall count it as a sacred trust to invest this gift in the lives of youth in such fashion that it will truly prove an enduring and noble monument to one who deserves our highest tribute. The deepest sympathy of the donors is conveyed with this memorial gift, for their thoughts are with you in this hour.

If you are interested in learning more about memorial gifts or are interested in making a memorial gift, please contact the Council Service Center.