Executive Board

The Pony Express Council executive board is comprised of community leaders who represent the 18 counties of the council.

The board meets six times annually throughout the calendar year unless otherwise notified.

The role of the executive board is to provide oversight and governance to the council ensuring the best resources are in place to carry out and strengthen the four functions of council operations; membership, finance, program, and unit service to all chartering partners.

The executive board oversees the process of identifying and final selection of the Scout Executive. The Council President Kevin Bailey, Council Commissioner Lisa Clark, and Scout Executive Alan Franks; all members of the executive board, make up the key three leadership of the council.

Executive Board

Name City
Kevin Bailey Trenton
Bruce Baker Savannah
Ken Baker Olathe
Bryan Becker Atchison
Rick Berger Atchison
Gary Black Trenton
Regina Buttron Atchison
Don Carrick St. Joseph
Lisa Clark Maysville
Greg Clevenger Braymer
Jeremy Clevenger Chillicothe
Roger Denton Atchison
David Fox Kansas City
Derek Franklin Atchison
Alan Franks St. Joseph
Matt Gerstner St. Joseph
Todd Graves Edgerton
Rick Hamman Parkville
Clark Hampton St. Joseph
Jay Hemenway Bethany
Scott Hodgin St. Joseph
Jim Hower, Jr. St. Joseph
Rob Jobst Maryville
Brad Lager Savannah
Cody Lehman Kansas City
Chad McCoy Chillicothe
Chuck McIntosh Conception Junction
William McMurray St. Joseph
Larry Means St. Joseph
Louis Millenbruch St. Joseph
Bob Moore Liberty
Tim Murphy St. Joseph
Ken Paden St. Joseph
David Powell Stewartsville
Nick Robb St. Joseph
Mike Robertson Platte City
Steve Rosenak St. Joseph
Tony Sasso Kansas City
Ken Siemens St. Joseph
Lee Ann Smiley St. Joseph
David Smith St. Joseph
Todd Stillings Lawrence
Ed Stroud St. Joseph
Chris Thomas Rea
Dave Thomas Country Club
Ed Trompeter Atchison
Brad Weil St. Joseph
Dale Werts Edgerton
David Whitmer Atchison
Gaylon Whitmer Stewartsville